This Wilderness is Robert O. Leaver and Jim Coleman. These two lanky fellows met at a New Year’s Eve party at the dawn of 2016. Sharing a gravitational pull towards darkness and an irreverent humor, the two musicians have emerged as the electro punk soul duo, This Wilderness.

Leaver had been working on acoustic based music as Birdthrower (recently recording with Ben Harper), as well as doing provocative public performance art. Coleman has a more electronic pedigree, crafting samples and electronics for the infamous industrial rock band, Cop Shoot Cop, then releasing albums as Phylr, Here, Jim Coleman and J-CO.

Leaver’s feral vocals and compelling physical approach to each song work in tandem with Coleman’s uncompromising, genre defying sonic mischief.  This Wilderness live is an unforgettable experience.  And the songs stick with you for days. In the words of Bob Gourley from “ChaosControl”,  “Coleman and Leaver bring their talents together flawlessly to create a catchy but utterly twisted sound.”

The duo released their debut album, Sorry About Tomorrow, in 2018 via Wax and Wane. In a rave review Dave Cantrell from “Stereo Embers” proclaimed, “…it is still persuasively the best – or at least most captivating – debut of the year.”

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